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I am an experienced and qualified counsellor and work with people who are finding life difficult and overwhelming. Are you having a problem with a specific relationship or life situation or feeling overwhelmed with negativity and anxiety?  Are you feeling angry, hopeless, misunderstood and alone? Counselling can help. My clinic is in the Clapham and  Battersea area where I provide a relaxing and peaceful environment where you can begin to address the issues that are causing you distress.


Anxiety and depression or obsessive thinking can be very demoralising. There can seem like there is no way of ever feeling "normal "again.  Counselling can help you gain a clearer perspective and get the extra support you need outside of your immediate family and friends. Counselling can help you to feel less alone and improve your ability to cope with whatever your current situation is. 

Drug addiction help, alcohol addiction councilling, love addiction, food addiction, addiction counselling in Battersea, London.

Emma Buckley: Addiction Specialist

I can help you look at whether you have a addiction and how best to deal with it.


It is frightening to think you may have an addiction to either alcohol, drugs, food, or relationships. Your life can feel like its spiralling out of control.

I can provide a safe place where you can give up trying to work it out alone. In my counselling sessions you get to take time out just for you without the pressures of those around you. It will be confidential, non judgemental and focused on working towards a solution that is right for YOU.

​I will give you the respect and consideration you deserve. Addiction counselling can help address the difficulties that can arise with family, friends and work which contribute to the stress in your life.


I am a qualified Addictions Counsellor and a member of the BACP. My practice is in Battersea/Clapham area of South West London. 


Please do contact me via email or by telephone 07929000736 if you wish to discuss anything further.

Are your employers, families or friends worried about you or putting pressure on you to cut down or stop?

Ask a question.

My experience is working with people who have dependence issues . Are you or someone you care about having problems with:


Relationship Addiction

Food Addiction 

Body Obsession 

Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction


If you are concerned about any of these subjects, It can be frightening to seek help and engage in counselling. Feel Free to ask me a question.

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Are you experiencing cravings and finding life boring or too difficult without it?

Are you worried about you may have an  alcohol addiction, drug addiction, food addiction or dependence?

Do you feel addiction to a specific person or relationship?

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