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One to One counselling sessions are an excellent way of providing a safe place where you can give up, give in and take time out to focus on yourself.  Learning to understand why you feel the way you do and how to change it is immensely rewarding and can be a great relief.


Seeking counselling can be the first step to addressing behavourial and thinking patterns that cause you to feel dissatisfied and unhappy.  You may have some issues that can be easily resolved by talking to someone and simply gaining a different perspective.  You may have deep psychological and emotional wounds which maybe at the core of your difficulties in dealing with your job, relationships and yourself.  


I can be part of this process and work with you so that you can learn how to cope with and enjoy your life and feel good about yourself.  Relationship issues, anxiety or feelings of depression can feel so overwhelming.  There is often a confusion  or guilt about why you feel unhappy and depressed.  Counselling can help you work through difficult feelings and engage with postive change.

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My experience is working with people who have dependence issues . Are you or someone you care about having problems with:


Relationship Addiction

Food Addiction 

Body Obsession 

Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction


If you are concerned about any of these subjects, It can be frightening to seek help and engage in counselling. Feel Free to ask me a question.

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